Emergency 24 Hour Heating & Air Conditioning Repair in Mesa, AZ

Have you tried to turn on your Air Conditioning unit and found that it has decided to stop working? Did you turn on the AC system and find that it isn’t cold air coming out? What could these ominous signs be telling you?

When your unit will not turn on be sure to check for a blown circuit breaker before calling in an expert. You will also want to test the thermostat to make sure that it is properly functioning. In the case of the warm air coming out of the vents when you turn on your Air Conditioner this is likely a sign that you are running low on or out of freon.

It is normal for the level of freon in the system to become lower over time. This is one reason it is very important to keep a regular maintenance schedule for your heating and air conditioning system, it ensures that all components are working properly and you are not surprised on the hottest day of the year with no freon to keep you cool. To set up an appointment for regular maintenance or an emergency call to fill your freon, or check for leaks, place a call to the pro’s at Christian Brothers today!

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